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protein biomarkers

Astute is the maker of Nephrocheck, an immunoassay test for biomarkers predicting acute kidney injury.

Because of a statistical error in a recent study, the firm reduced test performance numbers, but it noted that the revised numbers are still far better than standard histopathology.

The test from Banyan Biomarkers called the Brain Trauma Indicator measures the levels of the proteins UCH-L1 and GFAP that are released into the blood.

The multi-analyte assay could screen for cancers that currently lack early-stage detection methods, including ovarian, liver, stomach, pancreatic, and esophageal cancers.

The firm believes the IsoPSA technology is superior to competitors, but clinicians argue that a lack of comparative studies could hamper adoption of all these tests.

Total revenues were $699,000 up from $623,000 the year before with product revenue up 13 percent as OVA1 sales volume dropped but revenue per test performed rose.

The Swedish firm will use its CETSA technology to profile the effects of a drug on up to 6,000 proteins from patient blood samples. 

The company plans to develop tests for prostate cancer risk assessment, prostate cancer screening, and breast cancer screening.

The lab-on-a chip platform allows for the evaluation of multiple biomarkers in human tears, including osmolarity and the inflammatory biomarkers MMP-9 and IL-1Ra.

As part of the collaboration, RDL has adopted Aushon's technology for simultaneously measuring protein biomarker panels for several autoimmune indications.