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Next-Generation Sequencing

The latest news on next-generation sequencing.

As part of its Biomarker Assist program, Amgen will cover the cost of NeoGenomics' KRAS tests for advanced or metastatic NSCLC patients regardless of their insurance status.

The company is positioning the blood-based test as an alternative to invasive chorionic villus sampling, the current standard in Denmark.

The researchers found that the reliable sampling of rare circulating tumor DNA fragments served as the key challenge for developing liquid biopsy assays.

The company is planning to fund projects for SARS-CoV-2 testing, early disease detection, disease prognostics, and public health genomics projects.

The Rehovot, Israel-based firm expects to soon receive marketing clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for its methylation-based Bladder EpiCheck test.

The US Federal Trade Commission's recent challenge raises the question who Illumina can acquire while remaining a quasi-monopolist for sequencing equipment.

The coalition includes partners from all over the world, including universities, research centers, and health systems in South Asia, Africa, South America, and the US.

Illumina said it plans to "vigorously defend" the deal and oppose the FTC, which previously helped scuttle Illumina's proposed acquisition of Pacific Biosciences.

Personalis plans to develop a companion diagnostic to MapKure's BRAF inhibitor, BGB-3245, once biomarkers have been identified in the study.

Although the logistics still need to be worked out, the partners hope to streamline oncologists' experience ordering tests that can inform patient care.