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machine learning

The company is planning to commercialize its cancer early detection technology initially in lung cancer and is working with NYU researchers to explore future expansions.

The company is focused on developing and commercializing therapeutic and companion diagnostic products to treat inflammatory bowel disease.

At ACLA's annual meeting, a panel discussed how machine learning, artificial intelligence, telehealth, and at-home testing have gained traction throughout the laboratory industry.

Under the five-year agreement, Amazon has made an undisclosed investment in KMPM and is supporting the firm's Lattice integrated diagnostic data platform.

The firms will launch a pilot program in three undisclosed US metropolitan regions later this year and collect data from at least 2,000 patients per area.

The firms will pursue risk-sharing arrangements with providers and payors to drive kidney disease patient care innovation, minimize costs, and improve quality of life.

The company recently received FDA Emergency Use Authorization for its SARS-CoV-2 PCR test while its data-driven COVID-19 research initiative is moving along.

The company's host-response diagnostics read the immune system using a machine learning algorithm and multiple mRNA biomarkers.

The company's mobile app provides automated COVID-19 screening and directs potential patients to testing locations for confirmatory testing.

The company is using newly raised funds to support a disseminated trial model, which it said will help it keep its plans to finish the study by the end of 2021.