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Lucira Health's at-home molecular test received Emergency Use Authorization in November for prescription use.

A prescription-only version of the test was first authorized last year for the detection of three SARS-CoV-2 genes in a range of samples.

The firm expects an expanding market for at-home self-testing and is differentiating its products in part through their ease of use.

The test returns results in less than 30 minutes and has shown 97 percent sensitivity and 96 percent specificity in both symptomatic and asymptomatic people.

In an SEC filing, the firm said it intends to use the IPO proceeds to support manufacturing and establish a sales and marketing team, among other activities.

The company has two COVID-19 tests: One, a moderate high-complexity test, received EUA in September, while the other is in clinical trials.


The RT-LAMP-based platform, which the researchers plan to commercialize through a spinout company, could be adapted for other infectious disease tests.

The company is also working in parallel on an at-home test that would be over the counter and return results within an hour.

The pace of development for CRISPR-based infectious disease assays increased as the pandemic progressed, more funding became available, and collaboration accelerated. 

The two new tests, which have the capability to quantify a patient's viral load, have been designed without external RNA extraction or amplification steps.