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blood screening

The system, which automates the process of performing blood cell differentials, was cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration last month.

The company will donate full laboratory set-ups to the effort and provide training and education to implement screening programs.

The Swiss company said the higher revenues were driven by an 11 percent year-over-year increase in revenues from its Alba reagent business.

The microarray runs on the company's CE marked Mosaiq system for blood grouping and transfusion-transmitted infection screening.

BD will supply its diagnostics and informatics products as part of the contract with Fleming Fund to take on AMR in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

The company also reported higher expenses, in part due to R&D around its MosaiQ platform for blood grouping and transfusion-transmitted infection screening.

CellaVision is paying about $27.7 million for the deal, and is being funded through a combination of cash, cash equivalents, and a loan.

The firm said that the system's automation and flexibility will help centers be more productive within a testing specialty that can require extensive hands-on time.

The agency continues to recommend screening for all individuals ages 15 to 65, and has added its support for preexposure prophylaxis in high-risk populations.

The financing accelerates the development of the Zero Delay plasma preparation system for immediate blood plasma isolation and stabilization at the point of collection.