May 22, 2018
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From Qualitative to Quantitative: Experiences with a cfDNA Assay in Metastatic Breast Cancer

Genome Webinar

Postdoctoral Scholar, Kuhn/Hicks Laboratory, USC Michelson Center for Convergent Biosciences 

In this webinar, the third in the “New Frontiers in Liquid Biopsy Research” series, Dr. Liya Xu of the University of Southern California Michelson Center for Convergent Biosciences discusses her team’s work using liquid biopsy technology for breast cancer research.

In particular, Dr. Xu presents her team’s experience establishing the Ion Torrent Oncomine Breast cfDNA Assay v2 at USC, including installation of the sequencing instruments. This new workflow for quantitative evaluation of cell-free DNA is an expansion of the team’s existing HD-SCA (high-definition single cell analysis) workflow and an update of the previous qualitative Ion AmpliSeq Cancer Hotspot Panel pipeline.

Dr. Xu presents data from liquid biopsy research samples from metastatic breast cancer, demonstrating integration of analytical variables of cfDNA samples obtained from the Oncomine Breast cfDNA assay v2 and genomic analysis and protein marker data from single circulating tumor cells. An overarching application of this work is to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the disease.

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This webinar offers a look at how an advanced genetics laboratory implemented and validated a commercial bioinformatics system to help scale its operations.

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Today’s challenging clinical next-generation sequencing applications require a rigorous, comprehensive quality control management program to ensure confidence in results.

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In this webinar, Kevin Balbi, head of bioinformatics at Sarah Cannon Molecular Diagnostics, will discuss the validation of targeted sequencing panels on the Ion Torrent platform using Horizon Discovery’s Tru-Q controls.