December 06, 2016
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Partnership Implementation of NIPT in a Government-Funded Health System: Operational Requirements and Impact on Care


Director, Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Lifelabs 

This webinar discusses a partnership model for noninvasive prenatal testing that enabled LifeLabs Genetics, a genetic testing lab based in Toronto, Ontario, to implement NIPT in house.

LifeLabs implemented on-site testing of the Natera Panorama test service in October 2015 in Toronto, where funding is provided for chromosome aneuploidy testing under selected high-risk criteria set out by the Ontario Ministry for Health and Long-Term Care. Patients have the option of self-pay if they do not meet risk criteria. On-site testing capacity includes microdeletions as of July 2016.

In this webinar, Ronald Carter, Director of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory at LifeLabs, shares how licensing Natera’s technology permitted a rapid and seamless transition to in-house testing and enhanced the implementation of indigenous NIPT test capacity. Dr. Carter outlines a detailed analyses of laboratory test results showing that the performance of the LifeLabs partner laboratory is equivalent to the reference testing provided by Natera in California.

Dr. Carter also outlines the sequence of transfer of test capacity, describes the operational requirements for partnering, and reviews the impact of NIPT funded services on the provision of prenatal care services in Ontario. Analysis of all clinical outcomes from NIPT services provided in Ontario will be used to guide future development of guidelines for care.

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