August 14, 2018
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Twist BioScience

From Panels to Exome – Assessing the Technical Performance of dsDNA Capture Probes for NGS Variant Detection

Genome Webinar

President & CTO, Genosity

This webinar will explore advances in next-generation sequencing (NGS) library prep technologies and their relationship to the evolution of targeted gene panels.

Our speaker will review different aspects of genomic sequencing across both germline and somatic applications and will explore the role that a robust exome can play in replacing smaller panels.

Specifically, this webinar will address:

  1. The process of developing new capture panels and optimizing assay performance;
  2. The technical performance of the Twist Human Core Exome probe design as it relates to covering the human exome; and
  3. The value in establishing a robust exome workflow for research and discovery.
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