February 21, 2019
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L7 Informatics

Case Study: 'Companion Informatics' to Automate Immunotherapy Manufacturing and Treatment

Genome Webinar

COO, Gradalis

This webinar will provide a first-hand look at how Gradalis, a clinical-stage immunotherapy developer, is using an information management solution from L7 to streamline its research, clinical, and manufacturing operations. 

Precision medicine and new classes of immunotherapy treatments, including cell and gene therapies, require a new category of "companion informatics" that automate and synchronize complex manufacturing, quality management, and treatment processes. L7’s Enterprise Science Platform (ESP) is a scientific information management solution that connects people, processes, lab instrumentation, and bioprocess equipment to simplify and optimize biologics research, manufacturing, and treatment. 

This case study showcases L7's ESP’s implementation at Gradalis, where hand-written batch records with manual calculations and ad hoc oversight were initially used for production, analysis, and reporting. 

The webinar will demonstrate ESP's capabilities, including end-to-end visibility, control, compliance, quality management, and automation of an organization’s workflow. ESP interfaces with common lab instruments, bioprocess equipment, and software systems, bringing inventory management, product testing, environmental monitoring, and other quality systems into a single platform. 

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