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1:00 PM
US Eastern

Sponsored by GenomOncology

Streamlining Precision Oncology Processes at the University of Nebraska Medical Center

The University of Nebraska Medical Center/Nebraska Medicine’s (UNMC/NM) Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center (FPBCC) offers a novel precision oncology program that is dedicated to improving patients’ overall cancer care. Through the use of genomics and diagnostic tools, the UNMC/NM-FPBCC employs precision oncology to customize care for each cancer patient in order to enhance diagnostic opportunities and outcomes.

To strengthen the data enablement, decision support, and analytics processes within their precision oncology program, UNMC/NM has partnered, since 2015, with GenomOncology. GenomOncology’s precision oncology solutions are designed to be flexible and customizable to augment institutional workflows and processes. By integrating GenomOncology’s solutions into their workflows, UNMC/NM-FPBCC has been able to streamline the utilization and interpretation of complex precision oncology information within their precision oncology program.

During this 1-hour webinar, Allison Cushman-Vokoun of UNMC/NM and James Cole of GenomOncology will cover:

  • The challenges UNMC/NM-FPBCC faced with streamlining the precision oncology processes within their institution.
  • How UNMC/NM-FPBCC implemented GenomOncology’s precision oncology solutions to improve data enablement, decision support, and insights and analytics workflows within their precision oncology program.
  • The results and impacts of the implementation of GenomOncology’s solutions within UNMC/NM-FPBCC precision oncology program.

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10:00 AM
US Eastern

Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Chromosomal Microarray Analysis of Cell-Free DNA in Maternal Blood and the Impact of IVDR

Chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) is a well known first-tier molecular cytogenetics test helping to identify potential genetic causes of developmental delay, autistic spectrum disorders, or intellectual disability. In this webinar, Miguel Milan, director of prenatal genetic diagnosis at the Igenomix medical testing lab in Spain, will discuss how his lab is using chromosomal microarrays to detect free circulating DNA in maternal blood for the evaluation of aneuploidies. Milan will discuss why it was important for the lab to have a high-resolution platform that was futureproofed against new regulations.

Additionally, Anna Sadio, EMEA regulatory affairs senior manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific will highlight the key points and timelines in the new European IVDR (EU IVDR  2017/746) regulations. In this webinar, attendees will discover potential routes to compliance and sources of information to ease potential pitfalls.

Attendees will learn:

  • How a major testing laboratory specializing in reproductive genetic services uses chromosomal microarrays.
  • How important regulations concerning genetic testing were influential in the lab’s choice of platform.
  • The impact the IVDR regulations will have in Europe.
  • Ways to ease the path to compliance.

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