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Alexander Spyridon Baras, Anthony Magliocco, Michael Roehrl, Andries Zijlstra.

Digital pathology solutions firm Proscia has formed its board of directors. They comprise Alexander Spyridon Baras, Anthony Magliocco, Michael Roehrl, and Andries Zijlstra. Baras heads precision medicine informatics and bioinformatics at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center and the molecular diagnostics laboratory at Johns Hopkins University. He also oversees the oncology tissue services laboratory and the digital pathology slide scanning serving of the lab, along with the department of pathology.

Magliocco is the chair of anatomic pathology and excecutive director of esoteric laboratory services at the Moffitt Cancer Center. He also serves as the scientific director of the Moffitt Tissue Core. Roehrl is the founding director of the Precision Pathology Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Zijlstra is associate professor of pathology, microbiology, and immunology at Vanderbilt University.