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Prometheus Laboratories All-In-One Test for Persistent Diarrhea

Prometheus Laboratories has launched an all-in-one convenient test, IBcause, that evaluates a combination of 20 stool and serum measurements at once. The test will assist healthcare providers in diagnosing many common causes of persistent diarrhea, Prometheus said.

The new test "may help healthcare providers get to a diagnosis faster and a specific treatment plan sooner than sequential testing and empiric treatment for persistent diarrhea," Warren Cresswell, head of Prometheus Diagnostics, said in a statement.

It brings many key stool and serum assays together, including a proprietary assay that is not available elsewhere in the US to test for bile acid malabsorption, the firm said.

BAM may affect up to 50 percent of patients with unexplained, persistent diarrhea and it is often overlooked or misdiagnosed as diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome, the firm added.