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Enzo Biochem Microplate Reader

Enzo Biochem launched a small portable microplate reader for use with the company's immunoassays and molecular diagnostics. Enzo provides more than 17,000 ELISA assays and kits. The design and technology of the new compact microplate reader makes it possible to deliver precise and accurate results, the firm said.

The Enzo portable reader enables lab work to be executed outside of traditional research facilities, giving researchers and lab professionals a dedicated, personal device to fit their space and needs with convenience and accessibility. The handheld instrument is about one-tenth the size of the average benchtop plate reader, allowing it to fit into any laboratory setting and saving bench space, while providing flexibility and portability that can be extended to point-of-care facilities to allow physicians to provide molecular testing.

In the future, the company said it anticipates launching isothermal testing on this platform, enabling constant temperature and eliminating the need for a thermal cycler.