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Aalto Bio Reagents Recombinant Yellow Fever Virus Protein

Irish-based Aalto Bio Reagents announced its first-to-market recombinant Yellow Fever Virus (YFV) protein for diagnostic test manufacturers, vaccine developers, and researchers. The protein will satisfy an urgent need for a specific and sensitive serological VFV assay in tropical and subtropical countries in South America and Africa, where co-circulation with other flaviviruses is high, the company said. The polyhistidine-tag, recombinant protein is expressed in HEK293 cells and is derived from strain 17D. The mosquito-borne disease is normally difficult to diagnose, as cross-reaction with other flavivirus infections is common. Laboratory diagnosis is accomplished by means of serological testing for the detection of during the postviremic phase of VFV. There are no validated IgM ELISA kits commercially available at present, and in order for VFV infection to be confirmed by serological techniques, a differential diagnosis with other flavivirus infections must be carried out.