Manager, IVD Mass Spec Lab (MALDI-TOF)

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Our client is a leading, innovative in-vitro diagnostics company with global operations and consistent performance excellence. Recently, our client established a significant collaboration with one of their premier partners building on their 20+ year relationship. This new collaboration will involve utilization of our client’s premier partner patents and scientific/technological excellence and our client’s global commercial excellence to develop a number of new products that will revolutionize clinical testing in several key disease states.

As part of this collaboration, our client is setting up a best-in-class Mass Spec Laboratory which will serve as the foundational facility to develop these new innovative products and eventually serve as the commercial backbone of the new collaboration.


Rochester, MN Mandatory location



Scope of Responsibility

The Lab Manager, Mass Spec Laboratory will report to the Director, IVD Mass Spec Laboratory.

The Lab Manager, Mass Spec Lab is responsible for the operational management of a new team of scientists (7-10) focused on the delivery of IVD assays utilizing Mass Spec platforms. She/he will take responsibility for a multi-disciplinary team that will coordinate with other departments within our client’s institution and their partner including Biochemistry and Medical Science Liaisons as well as having day to day interaction with a newly created Mass Spec Business Development Manager. Operating at the highest levels, with unparalleled access to inventors and key opinion leaders, our client will be adding a new product line to its existing cutting edge technologies. Synergising with existing flagship products this project is an opportunity for a scientific leader to work with the our clients Operating Board. Successful delivery of this and subsequent projects in this technology area will revolutionise patient care.

Duties and top priorities are inclusive of but not limited to:


 To have expertise in a broad spectrum of practical scientific methods including (but not limited to) Mass Spec, sample handling and data analysis

 To carry out new product feasibility studies, method development on Mass Spec systems

 To coordinate the development of pre-analytical methods aimed at automated samples clean up

 To critically assess raw materials and generate raw material specifications including QC limits for all new assay components.

 To assess new materials and equipment where necessary and give feedback on suitability for use.

 To carry out full process and equipment validation in these instances.

 Contribute to the specification and design of future products, advising upon project feasibility and offer innovative solutions to achieve design goals

 To carry out design changes to existing products or processes when required and assist in the investigation of complaints if necessary.

 To ensure hazardous chemicals and reagents are handled appropriately and according to COSHH regulations.


Mandatory Bachelor’s degree in Science or Master’s Degree in Science

Desired: PhD or MT ASCP (Medical Technologist)

Mandatory Communication of complex scientific messages (digital, written, and verbal)

Mandatory Comprehensive experience with Mass Spectrometry technology inclusive of MALDI-TOF method development and operational optimization of platform and technology. Strong knowledge of in-vitro diagnostics and instrumentation as well as proven experience in development of new products including instruments and reagents.

Mandatory Ability to hire, develop, motivate and retain top employees within scope of responsibility. Previous Performance Management experience and demonstrated excellence

Mandatory experience and expertise utilizing MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry technology

Preferred 3+ years of Management experience directly leading teams of employees. Demonstrated ability to manage, motivate, develop and retain top talent

Team player with positive attitude who is a self-starter, creative, detail-oriented and enthusiastic

Excellent verbal and written communication skills; Proficient in Word, Excel and Power Point

Ability to understand and assimilate technical data and scientific papers (Mass Spec preference)

Must have experience with cross-functional teams including sales, technical and marketing staff

Knowledge and Experience in:

Scientific Writing

Clinical Chemistry

Workflow processes for clinical labs

Novel Utility identification


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