Laboratory Diagonostics Instructor

Job Location
Frederick, MD 21703
Job Description

We are looking for a Laboratory Diagnostics Instructor at USAMRIID, in Frederick, MD.

  • Serve as a team member in the Field Operations and Training Branch, Field Identification of Biological Warfare Agents. The primary mission directly supports the USAMRIID Mission Essential Task List of Train and Educate the Force. 
  • Demonstrate experience in military laboratory diagnostics or detection techniques, sufficient to be able to teach a military based course for laboratory diagnostics or detection. 
  • Function as the assistant instructor and be responsible for preparation of course material, evaluation of student performance, and training specific and relevant tasks associated with the course. 
  • Demonstrate experience with molecular biology techniques to include polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and immunoassays, and sample preparation to include DNA/RNA extraction procedures with preference to military concept of operations (CONOPS). 
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skill in applying the principles, concepts, and techniques applicable to a limited scientific area of microbiology work in a medical laboratory sufficient to: 
  1. Work with commonly known pathogenic bacteria 
  2. Collect and test specimens to determine what forms are present or absent 
  3. Ensure that the full range of routine methods, procedures, techniques, and applicable quality controls have been correctly conducted, and 
  4. Conduct preliminary microbiological diagnostic services that involve pathogenic organisms that are difficult to identify.
  • Occasionally represent the FIBWA course to other customers through briefings, demonstrations, and participation in working groups or other forums.
  • May be required to travel and perform duties in the field as an observer/controller in military exercises.
  • Participate in the test and evaluation of new technologies and sample processing protocols to improve the FIBWA courses and forward laboratory concept of operations. 
  • Serve on operational mission teams, domestically and internationally as needed to include performance of a full array of diagnostic support activities at both BSL 2 and BSL 3 level operations. 
  • Assist with the review of data to ensure appropriateness of results proper quality control. 
  • Supplement the Special Pathogens Laboratory, which is the primary group responsible for operation of the CDC Laboratory Response Network (LRN) functions. 
  • Propagate various microorganisms, including BSL 2 and 3 organisms, using a variety of techniques. Techniques will include growing bacteria on solid and in broth media and identify the bacterial and viral agents present in samples using a variety of standard and non-standard systems. 
  • Perform microbiological tasks associated pathogenic bacteria as necessary in a BSL3 suite. 
  • Assist in the design and execution of experiments aimed at the identification and characterization of bacteria and viruses of military importance. 
  • Use various manual and automated methods to identify and characterize microorganisms. 
  • Use various commercial and research methods to provide identification of microorganism to genus, species and sub-strain levels. 
  • Assist with the implementation and maintenance of a quality control system and ensure that equipment, reagents, and supplies are maintained and used properly. 
  • Assist with the review of data to ensure proper quality control. 
  • Participate in the implementation of a quality system to include preparing SOPs, QC reports, and other material required to implement a quality system. 
  • Occasionally obtain training at government expense and commensurate with position to maintain qualifications for position performance, including accreditation compliance. 
  • Work in close coordination with other government contractors and government employees in various studies to achieve program objectives. 
  • Maintain a safe workplace and comply with occupational health and safety rules and regulations.
  • Attend safety training(s) relative to the position and report any infractions of safety procedures to the TOCOR immediately.
  • Complete mandatory Federal, DoD, Army, and USAMRIID trainings as required.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited university or equivalency based on life work experience
  • A minimum of five years relevant experience training civilian and military personnel
  • Bio-safety Level 2 and Bio-safety Level 3 (BSL 2/3 required)
  • Enrollment in Personal Reliability Program (PRP)
  • Good organizational and communication skills, and a proven track record of working independently and as a team player
  • Must be a US Citizen
How to Apply

Email your resume, name, and job title to