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Staff Scientist


NextGen Jane

Job Location

400 29th Street Suite 105
Stephen Gire
Oakland, CA 94609
United States


$120,000 - $140,000


Health Insurance (including vision and dental), retirement plan options, gym incentives, equity packages

Job Description

This position is for a Staff Scientist with experience in diagnostic development. This role will focus on development and validation of genomic assays for diagnosis of reproductive pathologies, including identification of novel or emerging technologies that could be leveraged into a diverse development pipeline in women’s health. Diagnostic experience can include both IVD and CLIA development pathways. Knowledge of working with real clinical samples, as opposed to cell-culture, is highly desired for troubleshooting, as well as experience working with difficult sample types and degraded samples.

• Hands-on testing, validating, and optimizing genomic technologies including next generation sequencing and digital PCR with focus on reproducibility and repeatability.
• Creating and optimizing new lab techniques, with novel approaches to measuring analytes or diagnostic targets in non-traditional sample types or degraded clinical samples.
• Improving upon existing laboratory workstreams on sample preparation and quality control.
• Managing collaborations and workstreams, including lab technicians associated with projects in the lab.


A master’s or PhD degree or equivalent work experience is required. This could be a master’s degree with many years (5+ working on field relevant research, or a PhD with 1 or 2 years post-doctoral work or industry experience. Preferred candidates will have a strong understanding of molecular diagnostics including emerging diagnostic techniques. Industry experience and a passion for women’s health is highly desired.

About Our Organization

NextGen Jane is bringing genomics to femtech. By developing analytics based on molecular signals found in menstrual effluence, NGJ is reframing how women engage with the medical apparatus. A simple and elegant tampon collection kit enables serial sample collection, longitudinal data generation and efficient scaling across disease areas. Near term products include diagnostic insight into uterine pathologies such as endometriosis or heavy menstrual bleeding. Substantial long term value is being generated in an ambitious female health database which integrates genomic information from shed reproductive cells with careful data collection encompassing diverse patient populations that will usher reproductive health into the age of precision medicine.