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Helena Biosciences, Ghent University Plan to Commercialize Liver Test

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Helena Biosciences said today that it is collaborating with Ghent University to commercialize a glycoprotein-based blood test for chronic liver disease.

Called the Glyco Liver Profile, the test uses capillary electrophoresis to measure glycosylation of serum proteins, and uses this information to diagnose and monitor chronic liver diseases such as hepatic inflammation, fibrosis, and cirrhosis. The test also assesses cirrhosis patients' risk of developing liver cancer within the next five years.

"The use of the test in patients with cirrhosis of the liver allows us to create a customized follow-up schedule for each patient," Hans Van Vlierberghe, a hepatologist at UZ Gent and one of the developers of the test, said in a statement. "On the basis of the risk measured, they could receive intensive or less intensive screening. This will lessen the cost and burden for patients at low risk and might improve early diagnosis for patients at high risk."

The test can be run on Helena's V8 Nexus Capillary Electrophoresis analyzer, which the company said is a commonly used clinical platform.