Point-of-Care Testing

News on technologies and applications for point-of-care testing.

Axon will distribute Biosurfit's POC instrument as part of the deal, which follows earlier agreements between the two firms covering Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia.

The firm also has Periplex tests in development for sepsis, urinary tract infections, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The deal builds on a previous arrangement under which Innova developed a method of magnetic bead conjugation for antibody capture for TTP.

The company expects to use its centrifugal microfluidic platform to launch a dengue assay early in 2018 and a Zika-dengue assay later in 2018.

As the diagnostics industry launches high-throughput systems to large labs for HbA1c testing, clinicians also see a market need for point-of-care testing.