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White House

The administration will expand COVID-19 testing for schools and underserved populations, increase manufacturing of testing supplies, and increase genomic sequencing.

Using the Defense Production Act, the companies will bolster manufacturing to provide more than 60 million tests to the US market.

The organizations have also requested a meeting with the White House Pandemic Task Force to discuss issues surrounding supply allocation for COVID-19 testing.

President Trump said that the tests are being made available free of charge to states, territories, and organizations representing vulnerable populations.

The "roadmap" to getting the economy rolling again calls for the rapid scaling up of testing and a pipeline to develop tests, among other things.

In announcing a national emergency on Friday, Trump paraded out executives from the private sector as the administration tries to increase testing capacity

The law contains provisions that proponents say will advance precision medicine and speed new tests to market, but critics worry if this will come at a cost to public health.

After passing the House of Representatives last week, the legislation is now set to go before President Barack Obama, who said he will sign it into law.