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Currently available screening methods have not been shown to reduce mortality in the general population, USPSTF said.

NeoGenomics has signed an agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific to join the Next-Generation Sequencing Companion Dx Center of Excellence Program, also referred to as COEP.

The group is proposing women ages 30 to 65 be screened with cervical cytology every three years or receive testing for high-risk HPV every five years.

The group that advises primary care clinicians found evidence that false-positive screening results could lead to surgical interventions in asymptomatic patients.

The incidence of thyroid cancer has gone up 4.5 percent annually during the past decade without a corresponding change in the mortality rate, the USPSTF noted. 

In a draft guideline, the USPSTF said that men between 55 and 69 should consult with their doctors about getting tested, a change from its 2012 recommendation. 

The US Preventive Services Task Force said that the potential harms resulting from screening for HSV outweigh the potential benefits. 

The company said it completed about 54,000 Cologuard tests in Q2, and that the cumulative number of physicians ordering the test since its launch has risen to 41,000.

However, the task force stopped short of recommending the use of Cologuard or other molecular assays over a variety of well-established non-molecular testing methods.