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UPenn researchers believe that their lateral flow assay has the potential to be the first point-of-care test that can detect fentanyl and its metabolite, norfentanyl, at clinically relevant cutoffs.

A UPenn research team has developed a proof-of-principle detection platform that uses microbubbles to make target protein molecules visible and detectable.

Isoma, which launched last year, will use the funds to develop and clinically validate a molecular test for stratifying glioblastoma patients.

A year-long clinical trial at three hospitals found that price transparency alone may not lead to significant changes in a clinician's test requests.  

Research using the T2Plex instrument has detected a new conformation of red blood cells indicating a tight clot, which could be used as a biomarker.

The device, which will be tested in collaboration with a Panamanian research institute, will run 40-minute tests without the need for electricity.