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University of Utah

RADx-UP is funding multiple efforts to determine how marginalized groups, such as undocumented immigrants and those in rural areas, can access testing.

RenalytixAI will provide financial support to the University of Utah in the form of sponsored research into kidney disease progression, treatment, and biomarkers.

A study of the detection of potential adverse drug events or interactions found that using PGx information led to better prediction of serious issues, despite no significant change overall.

The platform will combine electronic health record technologies with clinical decision support tools to enable physicians to personalize cancer screening decisions.

The present prototype is being expanded to use five liver cancer markers instead of one, and the researchers are developing it to detect other diseases. 

Arti Rai and Colleen Chien are studying whether the Supreme Court's decisions in Mayo v Prometheus and Bilski v Kappos have had a negative impact on diagnostics innovation.