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University of Oxford

The study currently tests 28,000 people every two weeks and will expand to 150,000 by October, with the aim to increase to 400,000 people across the country.

The test was developed by a consortium founded in April by Omega Diagnostics, Abingdon Health, BBI Solutions, CIGA Healthcare, and the University of Oxford.

Data generated via the platform will be used to inform UK National Health Service policy.

University of Oxford said the program will assemble experts with experience in generating the robust evidence required for a test to be used in the UK NHS.

The FDA has added an at-home self-collection template to its SARS-CoV-2 EUA guidance as more firms seek to develop sampling kits for use in homes.

The consortium was formed at the request of the UK Government to support the development and manufacturing scale-up of a lateral flow antibody test.

University of Oxford researchers said they are weeks away from completing clinical validation of a coronavirus molecular test based on RT-LAMP technology.

A four-year, $5.5 million program will assess whether circulating cell-free DNA testing can improve diagnosis and outcomes for a type of EBV-associated cancer.

CareDx will use NanoString's new Human Organ Transplant panel to develop HistoMap, a gene expression profiling test to identify allograft rejection.

The biomarker profiling project is expected to enable a better understanding of how lifestyle, environment, and genetics combine to cause diseases.