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The company's AlloSure Kidney test received coverage, along with its AlloSure Heart test when used with the firm's AlloMap test.

The tests are covered when the patient has a personal history of melanoma and the test has demonstrated clinical and analytical validity.

The test assesses multiple factors, including single-/multi-nucleotide variants, short insertions and deletions, and microsatellite instability status.

A bi-weekly listing of recent local coverage determinations from Medicare Administrative Contractors.

The general LCD is covered for patients with a personal history of melanoma undergoing workups or being evaluated for treatment without metastatic disease.

CareDx hopes the final LCD for AlloSure Heart will lead to an approval of HeartCare, a combination of AlloSure Heart and AlloMap Heart.

The genomic test is covered by Medicare for all men with localized prostate cancer being considered for treatment.

The draft LCD would cover the Signatera minimal residual disease test for several solid tumor types and indications, including immunotherapy response monitoring.

The contractors will provide limited coverage for ctDNA tests if the patient has a personal history of stage II to stage III colorectal cancer.

The Medicare Administrative Contractor will cover ctDNA tests if the patient has a personal history of colorectal cancer.