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Mayo Clinic

The firm's transplant allograft status test identifies genetic biomarkers that predict the likelihood of a patient's immune system to reject the organ over time.

The company recently released the MGISEQ-2000, MGISEQ-200, and MGIFLP sequencing platforms, as well as the MGIUS-R3 robotic ultrasound system.

Hospitals are increasingly recognizing the impact that improper lab test ordering can have on costs and patient care, doctors said.

Laboratories are developing mitigation strategies to raise awareness that biotin supplements may be interfering with some patient test results.

A federal court dismissed the litigation saying that the patent at the center of the dispute applies routine and conventional techniques to a law of nature. 

The two firms are offering a combined genetic disease risk and pharmacogenomic analysis that covers 49 conditions and about 220 medications.

The firm is seeking funding to commercialize a malondialdehyde-acetaldehyde-adduct biomarker ELISA that it believes can help broaden access to cardiac tests.

Collaborators have created an atlas that compares available PD-L1 IHC assays and reveals areas of debate, including challenges encountered by clinicians.

Grail plans to enroll up to 120,000 women who have been screened via mammogram, to train and validate its NGS-based early detection cancer test.

The organizations will evaluate Owlstone's FAIMS technology as a valid method to screen  patients who are inadequately prepared for a colonoscopy.