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Mayo Clinic

The firm will use the financing to commercialize a test that utilizes metabolomic and DNA biomarkers to characterize obesity and guide weight loss.

The unique, test-specific PLA codes make it easier for insurers to identify tests and apply positive or negative coverage policies, billing experts say.

Clew Medical aggregates data from multiple devices and information systems to identify and refine patterns that indicate patient deterioration.

The researchers designed a transcriptome sequencing assay that identifies clinically relevant gene fusions in 541 genes.

The partners are developing and optimizing an algorithm that assesses the likelihood of a patient's cancer progressing to metastasis.

The alliance joins WuXi AppTec's laboratory and manufacturing services with Mayo Medical Laboratories' clinical and lab testing expertise.

The sepsis diagnostics market heated up during the year, with FDA clearances for a handful of tests, growing investor interest, and R&D advances in the field.

The Mayo Clinic will apply PathoQuest's next-generation sequencing-based iDtect Blood test in a study to identify febrile neutropenia in patients.

The deal enables Mayo Clinic to serve as a US-based testing center for physicians and scientists interested in evaluating four blood-based assays.

The firm's CEO said that the test must undergo additional clinical studies, but it could be available from a CLIA-certified lab in about a year and a half.