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Senators said they'll narrow the draft bill containing changes to US patent law before submitting it to the Senate Judiciary Committee in July.

A draft bill provides for a major expansion of eligible material, a move the ACLU and AMP said threatens to reduce competition in genetic testing.

Industry organizations like ACLA are seeking changes to the bill, which appears to outlaw standard business practices such as paying sales staff on commission.

The discussion draft includes the regulatory proposals, including precertification, the FDA provided to legislators in a technical assistance document.

At the Personalized Medicine Conference this week, stakeholders historically at odds over lab test regulation said it is up to Congress to resolve the issue.

A tick-borne disease working group recommends the federal government explore using new technologies and repurposing existing ones to improve diagnosis.

The association is concerned that waived testing sites are operating with insufficient oversight and compromising patient safety, and is asking Congress to investigate.

The association says a provision requiring MACs to independently review LCDs from other jurisdictions before adoption is critical to the legislation.

Efforts by CMS and Congress to seek public comment on whether the Stark Law could be modified to accommodate value-based care have drawn divergent opinions from with the lab industry.

The lab association fears that the FDA's recent proposed framework would give the agency "virtually unfettered discretion" to regulate LDTs.