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The insurer's move to equalize rates across all lab sites has particularly impacted hospital-based facilities, which have typically received higher reimbursement.

A decades-long decline in medical technician training programs and large numbers of looming retirements have labs scrambling to fill their vacancies.

Efforts by CMS and Congress to seek public comment on whether the Stark Law could be modified to accommodate value-based care have drawn divergent opinions from with the lab industry.

The new Kidney Profile combines two existing tests for chronic kidney disease and could be critical in addressing the under-diagnosis of the ailment.

The registry from the American Society for Clinical Pathology aims to eventually collect metrics on how lab services impact patient outcomes.

The guidance includes recommendations for extended RAS mutation testing to guide anti-EGFR therapy, as well as updated endorsements for analysis of mismatch repair status.

Eleven new recommendations were issued to address appropriate HER2 testing and clinical guidance in individuals with advanced gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma.