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Labs like Biodesix, ARUP, Quest, and Labcorp engaged different strategies to prevent loss of patient samples during recent extreme weather.

ARUP partnered with BioMarin to develop the blood-based assay, which is intended to identify those patients most likely to respond to the drug firm's AAV5-based gene therapy.

Changes in physician behavior around monitoring patient response to therapeutic monoclonal antibodies is increasing demand for clinical testing of these drugs.

The new building will serve as a hub for ARUP's lab campus, handling processing of new specimen as well as high-volume testing.

In addition to providing laboratory tests, ARUP will work with Premier members on outreach growth, cost containment, and revenue enhancement.

Through connections with insurers, labs seek to give patients estimates of their financial responsibility for tests at point-of-sale or point-of-order.

Big data, automation, and low-tech changes to workspaces have combined to reduce ARUP's incidences of lost lab specimens.

CDC's MOU will seek to codify lessons learned from the public and commercial lab partnership during the Zika outbreak in the US in 2016.

Industry groups representing lab personnel strongly oppose CLIA's current practice of allowing personnel with nursing degrees to perform moderate- and high-complexity testing.

The new Kidney Profile combines two existing tests for chronic kidney disease and could be critical in addressing the under-diagnosis of the ailment.