Through connections with insurers, labs seek to give patients estimates of their financial responsibility for tests at point-of-sale or point-of-order.

Big data, automation, and low-tech changes to workspaces have combined to reduce ARUP's incidences of lost lab specimens.

CDC's MOU will seek to codify lessons learned from the public and commercial lab partnership during the Zika outbreak in the US in 2016.

Industry groups representing lab personnel strongly oppose CLIA's current practice of allowing personnel with nursing degrees to perform moderate- and high-complexity testing.

The new Kidney Profile combines two existing tests for chronic kidney disease and could be critical in addressing the under-diagnosis of the ailment.

The collaboration aims to eliminate barriers to testing for chronic kidney disease by standardizing the method for testing for the condition, thereby improving the comparison of test results between labs.

By tapping cloud computing power, ARUP's new "Pipey" system could eventually scale to run 10,000 samples as quickly as it runs one sample.

Illumicare will provide ARUP clinicians with its Smart Ribbon tool that provides information on the cumulative risk and financial impact of tests and medications during the course of care. 

With PAMA scheduled to be implemented in January, many believe M&A in the clinical lab space will heat up, with Quest and LabCorp the main beneficiaries. 

ARUP said it is seeing larger volumes of pathology samples, requiring more advanced and efficient workflows.