The recent OIG report on the implementation of PAMA doesn’t address that CMS has ignored congressional intent in implementing the law, ACLA said.

Seventeen organizations don't support the Diagnostic Accuracy and Innovation Act as written and would like lawmakers to advance a CLIA-centric framework.

The industry advocates passage of new diagnostic oversight legislation in 2018.

The agency asked Reps. Bucshon and DeGette to consider the precertification program idea as they work on refining the draft of the Diagnostic Accuracy and Innovation Act.

As payors increase controls over reimbursements for genetic lab testing, labs are increasingly using genetic counselors as middlemen in lab test reimbursements, genetic counselors say.

Both sides have filed competing arguments requesting the judge rule on the case without a trial.

Industry groups representing lab personnel strongly oppose CLIA's current practice of allowing personnel with nursing degrees to perform moderate- and high-complexity testing.

The lab industry's appeal to CMS follows Missouri's Medicaid agency's reduction of lab reimbursements from 100 percent to 80 percent of Medicare rates.

These lobbying efforts aim to shore up willingness among legislators to step in and halt implementation of the NCD if certain provisions remain in the final version.

The new Kidney Profile combines two existing tests for chronic kidney disease and could be critical in addressing the under-diagnosis of the ailment.