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Qiagen QiaStat-Dx Analyzer 2.0

Qiagen has launched the QiaStat-Dx Analyzer 2.0 for molecular syndromic diagnostic testing, including version 1.6 of the accompanying software. The upgraded system is powered by the new QiaStat-Dx Operational Module Pro with 64-bit processor and 4 GB of RAM, and features a cloud-based remote results application that allows users to view, comment on, and confirm diagnostic test results directly from their desktops and mobile devices. This enables greater flexibility between central and regional labs, Qiagen said. Alternatively, users can view results over a shared network.

The system also features enhanced QiaSphere Insights epidemiology dashboards that enable users to view local and global pathogen epidemiology data from all connected QiaStat-Dx instruments. Additional system upgrades include enhanced instrument responsiveness, automatic software updates and notifications, support for 12 languages, and improved remote system management and security features, Qiagen said.

The QiaStat-Dx system features single-use cartridges with built‑in sample processing and on-board reagents to perform multiplex real-time PCR to detect and differentiate between multiple pathogens in about an hour. Available tests for the system include a meningitis/encephalitis panel that analyzes 15 pathogens simultaneously; a gastrointestinal panel that identifies around 20 clinically relevant bacterial, viral, and parasitic pathogens; and a respiratory SARS-CoV-2 panel that detects more than 20 viral and bacterial pathogens.