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Metabolic Disease

News on research and diagnostics for metabolic disorders and metabolic diseases.

The consortium, recently funded with €750,000, is developing a computational tool for identifying NAFLD patients at high risk of progressing to NASH.


Weill Cornell Medicine, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and the New York Genome Center will join Illumina to sequence the genomes of thousands of patients.

The new assay has a 24-minute turnaround time, uses 50 microliter samples, and offers longer, 40-day calibration stability than the current Vitros TSH assay.

The firm signed a deal with Zotal to be exclusive Israeli distributor of the test, which measures proteins in patient blood to detect diabetic kidney disease.

The ELISA-based test, which has CE marking, uses protein signatures in blood to detect the onset of kidney disease in type 2 diabetics.