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Startup Spiden Closes $18M Funding Round to Expand Blood Diagnostics Platform

NEW YORK – Switzerland-based startup Spiden announced on Thursday that it has closed an $18 million financing round led by Ornament Health, a digital health application developer.

Spiden's technology platform analyzes biomarkers and drugs in real time and performs in situ spectroscopic measurements of physiological fluids, such as blood, using optical technologies and artificial intelligence. The team has analyzed multiple biomarkers and plans to use the funding to expand its platform's library of biomarkers and drugs, the company said in a statement. It added that Spiden intends to create blood monitoring technology to improve the safety and efficacy of treatments for critically ill patients in clinical settings.

Along with Ornament Health, participants in the financing round included Swiss sanitary product manufacturer Geberit; Young Sohn, former chief strategy officer for Samsung; angel investor Daniel Gutenberg; Edward Ludwig, Becton Dickinson's former CEO and chairman; and other executives both within and outside the medtech industry. Spiden has raised more than $25 million to date including this round, it said.

The Ornament app allows users to upload blood test results, analyze, and organize them. "The investment in Spiden is inherently strategic for Ornament, as we share our vision for the future, in which snapshot biomarker data will make space for continuous, real-time biomarker data,” Ornament CEO Snezhana Gurina said in a statement. Gurina added that Spiden's "unique dataset will help to uncover correlations between lifestyle choices, medication, and longevity."