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Diasource Takes Over ZenTech Radioimmunoassay Portfolio

NEW YORK (360Dx) – ZenTech said on Wednesday it has inked a strategic agreement to transfer its radioimmunoassay portfolio to Diasource ImmunoAssays, a supplier of manual radioimmunoassay and ELISA kits.

Diasource will also assume production and sales of the ZenTech products. Financial and other terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The portfolio being transferred to Diasource includes a complete line of specialty radioimmunoassays with thyroid, fertility, and salt balance markers. The agreement marks a logical next step in line with the strategies of both companies, Diasource said.

The companies, located in Belgium, have collaborated for more than 15 years, Diasource said, adding that it has already managed the commercialization of parts of ZenTech's portfolio.

ZenTech will continue manufacturing the radioimmunoassays during a transition period that is expected to end Sept. 30 with the transfer of production to Diasource.

The deal will allow ZenTech to focus on newborn screening and early life stage diseases, as well as new innovative product lines and technologies such as molecular diagnostics and mass spectrometry, ZenTech Chairman Jean-Claude Havaux said in a statement.

Diasource CEO Jef Vangenechten noted that his firm acquired radioimmunoassay client businesses from distribution partners in France in 2015 and Spain in 2017. "This fourth acquisition in the RIA space demonstrates our commitment to the long-term future servicing and support of our large RIA customer base worldwide," he said.