Drugs of Abuse/Toxicology

News on diagnostic systems for drugs of abuse and toxicology.

The assays run on Premier Biotech's OralTox oral fluid-based drugs of abuse device, which can scale to detect up to 12 drugs simultaneously.

The researchers will conduct clinical validation in children suspected of having been exposed to high levels of manganese in Chicago.

New Jersey-based Accu Reference was alleged by feds to have paid $1.37 million in kickbacks to a group of Maryland pain clinics in return for referrals.

The lab will test samples reimbursed only by the federal government. Attis expects it will test a baseline of 3,000 toxicology samples per month by the end of 2018.

The assay combines antibody enrichment with MALDI mass spec to measure isoforms of transferrin, a protein biomarker used to track alcohol consumption.