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Drugs of Abuse/Toxicology

News on diagnostic systems for drugs of abuse and toxicology.

Michael and Regan Dube will pay a total of $9,015,046, plus interest as a result of their convictions. Regan Dube was previously sentenced in November.

The healthcare company and its subsidiary allegedly ordered residents of a residential treatment center to undergo unnecessary drug screenings multiple times a week.

UPenn researchers believe that their lateral flow assay has the potential to be the first point-of-care test that can detect fentanyl and its metabolite, norfentanyl, at clinically relevant cutoffs.

The FDA-cleared and CE-marked assay detects both fentanyl and norfentanyl, allowing labs to identify more true positives, according to Siemens.

Since FDA's actions, the company has implemented a program in which customers must sign a certification letter saying they are using its products as intended.