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The firm saw durable consumables revenue in Q3, added five contracted instruments in the quarter, and brought 22 new instruments live in the US.

The firm also more than tripled its product sales year over year, and its CEO said he considered the quarter to be "transformational."

The firm will partner with startup GeneproDx on thyroid cancer diagnostic development, while a separate agreement with Endpoint Health will entail CDx development for critical illness. 

The deal with GeneproDx will focus on thyroid cancer, while the agreement with Endpoint Health will focus on CDx development for critical illnesses.

The company's CEO said that its single-molecule tethering technology has demonstrated limits of detection comparable to commercial molecular tests.

Gradientech's CEO said the financing round, which supports the development of its rapid antibiotic susceptibility system, indicates an increased awareness of sepsis.

Inflammatix said that if its test obtains Emergency Use Authorization next year, clinicians will be able to better gauge the severity of a COVID-19 patient's infection.

The collaboration in particular focuses on the UK market introduction of SphingoTec's point-of-care tests for use of novel biomarkers in critical care.

A consortium led by the Barcelona-based company recently received €150,000 in EU funding to bring the platform to market.

The firm is completing a clinical study that it hopes will facilitate the launch of its AST system that provides results in four hours after a positive blood culture.