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Prostate Cancer

News and reporting on prostate cancer.

In a separate study, researchers studying the use of Oncotype DX in African-American men found it to be predictive of disease outcomes regardless of race.

The firm's Inify Prostate Screening product presorts slides in a worst-first order, allowing pathologists to work immediately on the most relevant areas.

The framework is meant to guide healthcare providers in facilitating prostate cancer genetic testing in a timely and responsible way, the researchers said.

The Minneapolis-based firm believes the assay can successfully serve as a clinical indicator for patients at risk of developing high-grade prostate cancer (HGPC), thereby improving prostate cancer management. 

The approval is based on results of the PROfound trial, which included men with mutations in BRCA1/2 or ATM, and 12 other genes associated with the HRR pathway.

Under a strategic partnership, workflows will be developed for Proteomedix's Proclarix prostate cancer test on Dynex's automated ELISA platforms.

The company saw orders for its Cologuard colorectal cancer test fall 63 percent during the first 20 days of April because of a decline in standard healthcare visits.

The company's revenues for its 4Kscore prostate cancer test were impacted partially by the COVID-19 pandemic, Opko said.

The firm reported that revenues from screening products rose 35 percent year over year to nearly $220 million.

The firm's OpsisDx platform uses a glass slide with hydrogel structures to bind molecules in urine and create a colorimetric signature reflecting biofluid changes.