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liver disease

HealthTab is a point-of-care platform leveraging Abaxis' Piccolo Xpress analyzer for Canadian pharmacists for cholesterol, triglyceride, and other testing and monitoring.

The LITMUS project will bring together clinicians and researchers from academia and pharma to develop, validate, and quantify better biomarkers for testing NAFLD. 

The company, which is also developing a therapeutic for the liver disease, plans to pursue regulatory approval in the US and Europe.

Called the Glyco Liver Profile, the test uses capillary electrophoresis to measure glycosylation of proteins to diagnosis and monitor chronic liver diseases.

The partners will develop biomarkers and assays to evaluate non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, a disease characterized by liver scarring due to inflammation.

Venture accelerator Dreamit has selected the firm to participate in a business bootcamp that may fast-track the startup's go-to-market plan.