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The blood test provides a simple alternative to complex methods of insulin resistance testing used primarily for research, the company said.

The new services geared toward wellness testing enable patients to order test kits without visiting their doctor.

Becton Dickinson got clearance for a platform and test for the rapid identification and determination of antimicrobial susceptibility of gram-negative bacteria.

The National Institutes of Health Commercial Accelerator Program helps small healthcare and life science companies bring their products to market.

A new study suggests binding proteins that target glucose or asparagine can be used in combination with cytolysin A-based nanopores to electrically detect the metabolites.

The test is US Food and Drug Administration approved for detecting recent hyperglycemia and hyperglycemic excursions in patients with diabetes.

The firm aims to bring to market a point-of-care technology that would significantly reduce the expense associated with highly sensitive diabetes testing.

Seksui's test is used in clinical labs to measure the percent concentration of HbA1c or the HbA1c fraction mmol/mol in human venous whole-blood and hemolysate.

Revenues for Roche Diagnostics totaled CHF 6.26 billion for H1, driven primarily by demand for immunodiagnostic solutions.

The technology uses a smartphone's camera to capture high-quality images of a patient's urinalysis results and immediately send it off for clinical diagnosis.