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The firm said that its diagnostic instrument provides hematology results in six minutes, and it may speed time to patient treatments, as well as accelerate product sales.

MDx product sales for diagnosing and monitoring hepatitis and HIV load, and screening HPV, grew 7 percent year over year.

Companies with diverse infectious disease diagnostic technology offerings said that molecular methods are complementary to, not competitive with traditional diagnostics.

The launch of the cobas m 511 system marks Roche's entry into the hematology space. 

The test can measure lower levels of troponin, enabling doctors to more accurately identify patients who actually have an acute myocardial infarction. 

According to the company, the assay is the first approved fully automated AMH test available in the US.

The analyzer is a dedicated instrument for HbA1c analysis that offers twice the throughput of the instrument it replaces.

CLIA waivers are driving the promise of MDx uptake in physicians’ offices, but achieving adoption in larger settings will remain a strategic imperative.

The test runs on the firm's high throughput platforms and has claims for extragenital samples in addition to traditional samples.

Roche, Eli Lilly, and others aim to elucidate differences in T2D patients in order to develop better diagnostic tools and new treatments.