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The spread of POC testing technology along with changes in state regulations and pharmacist education are driving an increase in pharmacist-administered testing.

A study of 10 commercial labs offering NIPT in the US found that none followed all recommendations for reporting results and informing patients and providers.

While a number of hospitals have sold their outreach operations in recent years, observers suggest these businesses are well-suited to the current environment.

Revenues included sales to the former US lab business and revenue from T-SPOT.TB tests sold to Quest after Nov. 6 as part of a long-term supply agreement.

In a pilot covering 100,000 health providers in Texas, an alliance of healthcare firms found blockchain technology helped maintain up-to-date provider data.

The company said it will use the proceeds to repay outstanding debts including $300 million in senior notes due April 2019 and for general corporate purposes.

Under the agreement Quest with provide the South Carolina-based medical system with lab management expertise, equipment, testing, supplies, and procurement services.

Quest will provide management expertise, lab equipment, supplies, procurement processes, and reference testing to Houston Medical Center and Perry Hospital.