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The firm sold more than 4.9 million shares of common stock at $15 per share, raising $73.7 million to expand its commercial operations and grow its technology.

Quanterix Plans IPO

The firm plans to use the proceeds to expands its commercial operations, expand its existing technology, and support the launch of its new platform.

The funding was led by T. Rowe Price and will be used by Quanterix to develop new instruments, expand the firm's assay menu, and other things. 

The two firms will have the ability to develop instruments for commercialization within the IVD space. 

The firm anticipates commercializing its protein biomarker-based test, which can provide a diagnosis in 90 seconds, in late 2017. 

More accommodating regulation and new funding may propel new diagnostics companies across the valley of death to commercial returns.

Mobile apps could one day transform the way diseases are diagnosed, but concerns have been raised about their accuracy and safety.

ImmunArray will use Quanterix's Simoa single-molecule array technology for biomarker analysis, with the potential to enrich its diagnostic panels.

As LDT developers await an FDA decision on potential new regulations and grapple with reimbursement issues, investors may be unwilling to deal with the uncertainty.