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The company attributed the decline in part to nonrecurring sales of its Unyvero molecular diagnostic system to partners for clinical trials and regulatory clearances.

Curetis recently completed a clinical trial that compared the panel to both microbiology and individual PCR testing plus sequencing.

The firm plans to develop a line of tests on the system that could include panels for infection control, viral testing, CNS infections, and assays for immunocompromised patients.

The deal also includes milestone payments to Carpegen and Systec totaling €2.5M and a potential for €9M in royalty-based earnings.

For the 40-target panel, the trial found an overall average weighted sensitivity and specificity of 90 and 99 percent, respectively.

The company said the cartridge now covers 102 diagnostic targets including 85 pathogens and 17 treatment resistance markers.

The company said the cartridge covers more than 100 diagnostic targets and detects 16 antibiotic resistance biomarkers.