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A report from Leerink predicted Thermo Fisher Scientific could launch such a system within the next year, potentially opening up the clinical mass spec market.

The bank rated companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific and Agilent at Buy, Illumina and PerkinElmer at Hold, and Myriad Genetics and Luminex at Sell.

Bruker said it plans to use InVivo assets to explore antibody enrichment methods that could eliminate the need for culturing prior to MALDI-based microbial ID.

Bioyong will invest in test development as well as validation, regulatory approval, and commercialization in China and, possibly, other Asia-Pacific countries.

The company recently acquired intellectual property and personnel to drive development of PCR tests for applications including syndromic microbiology testing.

The report focused on identification of filamentous fungi and mycobacteria, and testing for resistance and susceptibility to antibiotics.

The analyses found solid evidence that MALDI-based clinical microbiology systems bettered patient care, but effects on hospital costs were less clear.

The test is designed to replace gel electrophoresis assays currently used for measuring M-proteins, biomarkers for plasma cell diseases such as multiple myeloma.