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During the year, the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance drove development and adoption of advanced diagnostic tests, including molecular testing.

The bottles support growth of aerobic and anaerobic organisms for quality control testing of platelets. 

The BioFire FilmArray Pneumonia Panel was cleared by the FDA while the BioFire FilmArray Pneumonia Panel Plus was CE marked.

BioMérieux had previously acquired a minority stake in Hybiome, which specializes in automated immunoassays, in July.

The company's third quarter revenue increase was driven in part by strong growth in its molecular biology clinical applications.

The firm said that its system is expected to deliver up to 50 AST tests per day and match the daily production of the highest-throughput systems in the market.

Smaller multiplex molecular panels of five or fewer targets will be covered, while a determination of gastrointestinal panel coverage is expected soon.

By ending the agreement, Quanterix regains full control over its Simoa immunoassay technology and its potential use for in vitro diagnostic purposes.

BioMérieux this week reported that its earnings for the first half of 2018 increased approximately 3 percent year-over-year to €1.17 billion ($1.36 billion), up from €1.13 billion in the first half of 2017.

Combined with a test for procalcitonin, the test may allow doctors to alter treatment of severe sepsis in time to save a patient's kidney.