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Becton Dickinson

With $10 billion in federal funding supporting school screening, labs, vendors, and various other institutions are ramping up efforts to roll out K-12 testing programs.

The latest US Food and Drug Administration Emergency Use Authorizations allow the tests to be used for serial testing in asymptomatic individuals.

Amazon said that it will use its test for employees and other individuals who enter its facilities as part of its COVID-19 preparedness and response program.

News items for the in vitro diagnostics industry for the week of March 8, 2021.

A BD lateral flow antigen test will be paired with the Scanwell Health mobile app for home use and public health results reporting.

The findings stem from a recent meeting of a WHO Guideline Development Group convened to address challenges with TB diagnosis and related drug-resistance.

Mina said that most of the diagnostic testing completed so far during the pandemic has done little to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The PCR-based test, which is also now CE marked, provides a positive or negative result for each virus using a single specimen within three hours.

BD is reinvesting some of its $668 million Veritor Dx windfall into expanding the menu for a newly tripled installed base.

The firm attributed the revenue growth in part to $867 million in sales of molecular and antigen diagnostics for COVID-19.