AB Sciex

The company said that EPS for next year is anticipated to be between $3.50 and $3.60. On an adjusted basis, EPS is expected in the range of $4.25 to $4.35. 

Factors like the country's interest in multiplexed dx panels and wellness monitoring have its clinical mass spec space "poised for huge growth," said a Sciex official.

The venture with the Chinese diagnostics firm will focus on developing and commercializing tests and reagents for Scienx's 4500MD triple quad mass spec system.

Advantages like better accuracy and easier assay development could help HRAM systems carve out space in a market currently dominated by triple quadrupoles.

The platform is a streamlined device targeting hospitals and other labs interested clinical mass spec but lacking the expertise required by traditional systems.

Anticipating a potential cut into its portfolio from competitors' mass specs, Roche said last week at AACC that it will develop its own mass spec-based analyzer in response.

The company is targeting hospital labs interested in a more streamlined mass spec solution as the clinical mass spec market begins to heat up.

The Triple Quad 4500MD LC-MS/MS system, which consists of the LC-MS/MS platform along with Sciex's Analyst MD, Cliquid MD, and MultiQuant MD software, can be used for in vitro diagnostics.

Announced during the company's recent analyst day, the instrument could mark a major step in mass spectrometry's ongoing move into clinical applications.

Called the Vitamin D 200M Assay, the kit runs on Sciex's Topaz LC-MS System and is the only FDA-cleared LC-MS-based Vitamin D assay kit currently on the market.