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Clinical Lab Management

News on issues related to managing clinical laboratories.

The pilot program is intended to increase consistency and predictability when determining conformity with consensus standards and test methods.

Most commonly associated with test analysis, such tools are also seeing uptake by large reference labs for applications like specimen routing and billing support.

The third-party consulting group used for the analysis recommended using a survey to set Medicare payment rates to reduce the reporting burden on laboratories.

With $10 billion in federal funding supporting school screening, labs, vendors, and various other institutions are ramping up efforts to roll out K-12 testing programs.

Iqvia and Quest established Q2 solutions, originally known as Quintiles Research, as a joint venture in 2015 with Quest owning 40 percent of the firm.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

With COVID-19 vaccines rolling out, clinical labs and test developers are preparing for changes in both demand for testing and types of testing for SARS-CoV-2.

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Join Dr. Heather Fehling, Chief Scientific Officer at Clinical Reference Labs (CRL), as she provides some insights regarding the future applications of PCR testing.

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and intensive care units around the world have been overwhelmed by unprecedented levels of demand. 

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This webinar will present the details of a COVID-19 saliva screening program that has been implemented at more than 90 different colleges, universities, private schools, and nursing homes across New York state.