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Clinical Chemistry

News on clinical chemistry systems and applications.

The new assay has a 24-minute turnaround time, uses 50 microliter samples, and offers longer, 40-day calibration stability than the current Vitros TSH assay.

The FDA cleared a CellaVision test that provides differential counts of white blood cells, characterization of red blood cell morphology, and platelet estimations.

The assay uses mass spec to measure levels of three proteins in blood and could provide a low cost, non-invasive alternative to existing Alzheimer's tests.

PerkinElmer will provide biochemical and genetic testing to support BioMarin's testing program aimed at Batten disease and mucopolysaccharidosis disorders.

The viral assay, developed with Sentinel Diagnostics, improves the ability to monitor viral loads in critical organ transplant populations for the clinical management of infection.